Minnesota Soybean Research
& Promotion Council

MSR & PC Voting Eligibility

Eligibility to vote in Soybean Council Elections

To request a ballot for the MSR&PC elections, click here or contact Paula Vollmer at paula@mnsoybean.com or call the MN Soybean office at 888-896-9678. Downloaded ballot requests can be emailed to paula@mnsoybean.com. All ballot requests must be returned to the MN Soybean office by February 1.

: Any person who owns or operates a soybean producing facility and shares in the profits and risk of loss from such facility during the current or preceding marketing year. Each producer unit is entitled to one vote. The producer, wife, husband, or an authorized representative may cast a single eligible vote. A corporation or partnership shall have ONE vote. A voter must meet Minnesota's general election voting age requirements.

: Any officer of a corporation or cooperative may cast its vote.

: Only one PARTNER or JOINT PARTNER may cast the vote of a JOINT OWNERSHIP, where the commodity is produced in partnership or joint ownership. It is the responsibility of the partners to determine which partner shall vote for the partnership. If the commodity is held in two or more names jointly, or in a firm's name, the partnership-voting rule applies.

: An officer of an association may cast one vote for the association.

: Both the landlord and tenant may vote if they meet the eligible voter requirements. (A person receiving cash rent for his/her land would not share in the risks of raising a commodity.)

: Only the legal representative may cast the vote of a producer, which is an estate, trust, conservatorship, or guardianship.
If husband and wife are carrying on the farming operation jointly, either one may cast the vote but both may not vote.

: No person, firm, corporation, association, partnership, university or college, foundation, cooperative, landlord, tenant, or fiduciary may vote more than once even though operations may be carried on in more than one county or region.