Minnesota Soybean
Growers Association

Membership Benefits

Increase the soybean target price of $6.00

Reauthorization of the Biodiesel Education Program

This program provides funding to support increased fuel quality measures, increase acceptance of biodiesel by engine and equipment manufacturers, petroleum partners, users and the general public.

Reducing the ceiling on idle CRP acres to 32 million

This will allow land to return to production and help meet the world’s ever increasing demand for food, feed and fuel.


Through the efforts of MSGA and its allies, Minnesota became the first state in the nation to pass legislation requiring a two percent biodiesel in the state’s diesel fuel supply. Since that time, new legislation has been enacted that will bring the state’s mandated use from 5 percent (May 1, 2009) to 10 percent (2012) and finally 20 percent (2015.)

Extension of the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) Bioenergy Program

The reauthorization of the CCC Bioenergy Program will allow all gallons of biodiesel production to qualify for the program, which is a significant victory for the biodiesel industry that will make biodiesel producers more competitive.


ASA and state associations convinced Congress to pass legislation authorizing more than $2.2 billion for the construction and upgrading of locks and dams on the upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, and are currently pushing for congress to provide the monetary resources so the project can get underway. With 70% of soybean exports moving through these waterways to the Gulf, modernizing this infrastructure is key to maintaining U.S. soybean farmer competitiveness in international markets.

The Livestock Industry

The livestock industry is the soybean farmer’s biggest and best customer. With the help of the Minnesota Farm and Food Coalition (MFFC), MSGA advocates for clear, consistent and reasonable regulations that will allow the livestock industry to grow and thrive in Minnesota.

Soybean Research

In 2005, MSGA successfully lobbied for a Level III Biocontainment facility on the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus. Construction on the facility was complete in 2007 and it was officially commissioned for cutting edge research in 2008. MSGA is now actively pursuing full funding for the USDA-ARS soybean genomics position currently housed at the University of Minnesota.