Checkoff Programs

Domestic Marketing

Besides investing in the development of foreign markets, the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council also funds projects that will expand the use of soybeans here at home. By ensuring continued demand for soybean meal and oil in Minnesota, the soybean checkoff is doing its part to keep Minnesota’s farm families and rural communities vibrant and growing.

Domestic marketing priority areas include biodiesel, support of the livestock industry and development of new uses.

Livestock – The livestock industry is the soybean farmer’s largest customer of soybean meal. Minnesota soybean producers fully support an environmentally- friendly, responsible livestock industry in the state.

In an effort to grow livestock operations in Minnesota, the MSR&PC partnered with several commodity organizations to form the Minnesota Farm and Food Coalition (MFFC). Working on a farm by farm basis, the MFFC helps livestock producers establish and expand facilities of all sizes throughout the state.


Biodiesel – As the first state in the nation to implement a 2 percent biodiesel requirement for all diesel fuel sold in the state, Minnesota has become a model for other states to follow. Minnesota soybean farmers are proud of the part they played in jumpstarting Minnesota’s biodiesel industry. (Carbon Footprints Chart)

And the best part of all - when it comes to biodiesel you don’t have to choose between food and fuel. Because oil only accounts for 19 percent of every soybean, 80 percent can still be crushed into rich soybean meal and fed to livestock. We can have food, feed and fuel without making any sacrifices.


New Uses – One of the most exciting things about soybeans is their versatility. Today, soybeans are used in an ever-growing number of products from soy foam insulation for houses and soyfiber clothing to soy plastics, soy foam seats in Ford Mustangs, soy ink, adhesives, cleaners and the list keeps growing!


MSR&PC County Reimbursement Program

2011 Guidelines and Information

Reimbursement Claim Forms

Form 1 (Use for activities between Sept. 1 – April 1. Deadline April 15)
Form 2 (Use for activities between April 1 – Aug. 15. Deadline August 15)

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