Checkoff Programs


Whether it’s a new development in soybean research or a milestone in soybean exports, communication is a key element to each checkoff investment. Producers need to know where their checkoff dollars are being invested to ensure the checkoff program remains effective, efficient and farmer-driven.

In Minnesota, soybean farmers keep up with the latest checkoff developments through a variety of tools – including weekly Soy Minutes on four major radio networks and the News and Views Magazine. Our county soybean boards also help further the soybean checkoff message through a variety of events and promotions throughout the year.

Recently, the MSR&PC and MSGA boards led an audit and evaluation of the Communications Program, which resulted in a new strategic plan. The plan focuses on sharing MN Soybean's perpecitve on seven key issues:

  • Higher Soybean Yields;
  • Increasing public research;
  • Biodiesel;
  • Animal Agriculture;
  • Promoting the benfits of Biotechnology;
  • Water Quality & the Environment; and
  • Use of Amino Acids as an indicator of soybean quality.

It also changes the focus of MN Soybean's communications strategy to include more interaction with consumers.

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